Folkestone Fringe in parallel with the Folkestone Triennal 2017 ©Global Art Joint Project 2017 between Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and Tokyo University of the Arts Part 1: “The shape of China resembles a chicken” After making a drawing explaining this analogy one of the project members decided to add another head on the place the tail is supposed to be. This lead me to think in a new way to define the idea of a country. I used materials from China, Japan and UK. The concept is for people to wear different parts of the artwork and decide how to combine each part of the chicken, thus, it remained in an ever-changing state condition.
While the costume was not being weared, it remained scattered in the pavilion as part of the public space. And just like a fairy tale, the pavilion became a magical castle that came alive when people entered bringing the objects to life. Running throughout the exhibition, the performance involves the artist processing along the length of the Leas Road and around the pavilion.
Part 2: Unfortunately, two parts of the costume were lost before the end of the exhibition. Based one the state of the remaining pieces you could tell that the disappearance was the action of a person. I decided to continue the project by recording a video about the search for the chicken in Folkestone. Accompanied by some friends, we asked everyone around the pavilion if they have seen the chicken and the search lead us to the downtown of the city. It was during this time that I discovered the attitude of the locals towards art and our project, especially those wo were not particularly interested in the Folkestone Art Triennial. From this accident a new opportunity arose and developed my artwork.
Performance Installation Material Paper mache Wood shaving Performers Luowei Liao Kang Gao Andrés Cacho PH Yajing Hu VIDEO Luowei Liao Monica Castillo



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