Toride Art Path 2017 This artwork use smart phones as a media to create a live show for the audience. It displayed videos of people eating taken from KuaiShou (Kwai) the biggest live-video social media application in China. The persons in the videos are eating in an exaggerated way: from huge food to loud noises. Eating, the most basic activity in our everyday life has change to become a performance to attract attention and fans. According to some studies, at least 73% of the users on Kwai are from towns in the countryside and it reflects a culture outside what is considered mainstream. As many critics have said, it is a symbol and a stand for the lower-educated class in China. This stigma has put the social media application in a negative light. However, for many people, being a media influencer in Kuaishou is the fastest way to become famous and earn money, even a the expense of negative criticism and exclusion from mainstream social media.
Installation Material Cell phone PH/VIDEO Jeonguen Jo Andrés Cacho



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